Equinox at Loughcrew


Maureen Fleming
Limited edition photograph: Signed, dated, and numbered by the artist
Giclee ink on archival print
Dimensions vary

The great cairn at Loughcrew in Ireland is spectacularly aligned to the rising sun on the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. As the sun rises in the sky, the beam of light flashes into the depths of the cave / womb / chamber where it strikes a stunning panel of engraved neolithic art. The interaction in the panel of light across the ancient symbols is a profound act of communication from our stone-age ancestors. It illuminates various symbols and glyphs before focusing upon the main engraved sun symbol. ‘Equinox at Loughcrew’ was photographed at Loughcrew on the Equinox, when the sun suddenly appeared from behind the mound of stones comprising this cairn. “As I ran to the top of the gathered stones, the image of the Cailleach, who in Irish folklore created the cairn from her apron, seemed to appear miraculously."