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About Meytar Moran

Meytar Moran is a Brooklyn-based Israeli multidisciplinary artist whose practice utilizes photography, video, digital media, sound and sculpture. Moran holds an MFA (with honors) in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, NY (May ’17) and a BFA (with honors) in Photography (July, ’13) from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. She has exhibited internationally in New York, San Diego, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, etc, as well as has work in the permanent collection of Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Moran founded vrWiz, a Virtual Reality Studio whose Down The Pixel Hole was featured in numerous film festivals, and is currently developing a VR gaming experience called “Inwards”, released in 2020 on relevant VR platforms.

In her most recent visual works, Moran is interested in fictitious conceptual spaces, both revealing and conceiving them. Treating the “real” as a grainy, dark canvas, from which new meaning can be extracted, extended and summoned; allowing for alternative readings of a landscape and using the photograph as a mere marker, a remnant of a supposed objective truth. Moran also investigates the mysterious workings of the imagination, both the tracing and the insertion of subjective meaning, of deviation from origin and the materials that bridge a psychological gap, those which allow for the existence of a space within a space. She explores the associative implications of assembling fractured meanings as a way of coping with the unknown.

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