Kimberly Babin
Kimberly Babin is an Art Law & Art Market specialist. She has curated numerous exhibitions and worked with world-renowned artists. Kimberly holds a Specialized Bachelor's in Criminal Justice - Art Law & Crime, and studied art law with Christie's, Sotheby's, and the Institute of Art & Law. She regularly presents on the arts, art law & crime, curation, cultural heritage and the arts market to Christie's Alumni, colleges, museums, and other institution. She is the Founder of Art Legal and The Art Law Case Briefs podcast.
Collecting Art Ethically

Collecting Art Ethically

The art market is currently estimated to be a $65 billion dollar market, and private collectors, institutions, and curators are globally becoming more attune to ethical collecting. If a collector wants his/her acquired artwork to hold value in current times and the...

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